Badger at Ellesmere Port Easter 2013

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

SANDBACH is currently in dock at the Ashton Packet Boat Company at Droylsden. The scene is like an old railway yard! SANDBACH is ex LMS. Alongside is the ex LNER maintenance boat JOEL and behind is the oldest canal boat in the country, MARIA, which is ex MS&L (Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway).
Having had a few years on working boats with a bucket and bowl for a shower etc I have decided on a bit of comfort with SANDBACH. The rudimentary shower already fitted has been replaced with a proper job. I am fitting gas so I can have cooking in summer without the stove being lit. I have also removed two small windows in the front deckhead which, in my opinion, spoiled her tug appearance. Being a tug, you can get away with the internal fittings that would spoil a full length unconverted working boat.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Annual docking

Sandbach is currently docked at Ashton Packet Boat Company, Droylsden having a partial refit. This is expected to take another three weeks.