Badger at Ellesmere Port Easter 2013

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Etruria 2010

Sandbach attended the Etruria Canals Festival on 3rd-5th June. Other working boats present included Alton, Daphne, Darley, Ibex, Skylark, Towy and the modern, but no less a working boat, Stokie.

Daphne was having engine trouble so was towed by Sandbach from Kidsgrove to Etruria, where temporary repairs were effected. "Just in case", Daphne was towed northwards back through the tunnel . To round off a good weekend, Sandbach assisted both Towy and Alton who found themselves well stemmed up in modern canal conditions.

Photo shows Sandbach emerging from Harecastle Tunnel south portal towing Daphne. (Photo by Brian McGuigan)