Badger at Ellesmere Port Easter 2013

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Following a long cruising season this year, which saw Badger covering around 800 miles and passing through about the same number of locks, she is now on the Upper Peak Forest Canal and getting some much needed attention to her electrics.

Towards the end of the season a battery cell failed which caused the alternator to overcharge.  This quickly caused the entire bank of four leisure batteries to fail.  Fortunately, the alternator and Adverc have survived the experience, although the load on the alternator belts has ruined them.

I have taken the opportunity to rewire the charging side electrics in a simpler form that I can trust as I reassemble things.

I have learned one thing from this experience, and that is not to ignore a hydrogen sulphide smell coming from the engine room!

Two other things about H2S.  It turns brass and copper a metallic blue colour AND it ruins your taste buds. For several days I might as well have been drinking Watneys Red Barrel for all the taste I was getting from a whole range of cask ales.


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